We are a glass art studio founded in the heart of Venice, Italy- just a few steps away from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of Modern Art. All of our pieces are handmade and of original design. We have been inspired both by the older techniques founded on the island of Murano and from the light and color for which Venetian art is renowned. We have collaborated with various galleries, museums and stores worldwide including the V&A in London, the Foundation Maeght in St.-Paul-de-Venice, Barney’s New York and Liberty’s in London.

Giorgio Nason plays an active part in the last generation of a long line of master glass blowers. His earliest recorded ancestor is Bartolomeo Nason whose last will and testament appears in Venice in 1325. In 1602, the Venetian libro d’oro (golden book) records Nason among Murano’s original glass-making families. Giorgio gains inspiration from working with a singular flowing form of glass. He heats, bends and stretches various colors of Murano glass giving shape to his very original and unique jewelry.

Trina Tygrett was born in America but has adopted Venice as her hometown. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, completing her studies with a thesis on the history of Venetian glass. Creativity, beauty, color and texture is of upmost importance in which she creates only the highest quality of jewelry design.

Debora Biolo received her diploma at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Immediately after her studies she began working for Designs188. She shows great craftsmanship in all her pieces with a tremendous spark for creativity.