The Sculpture collection is the collaboration of the artists at Designs188 with the metal workers and goldsmiths of the Veneto region of Italy. Each piece is designed and hand drawn by the artists in in our Venice studios. Materials used in the completion of the piece are source locally in the Veneto region of Italy. Silver pieces in the collection begin with the metal workers in Venice who use silver to “sculpt” the pieces and create the base form. This base form is then transformed with a coating of 18K gold by the goldsmiths in Vicenza — the city famous for its superior quality of gold. Lampworked beads or mineral stones such as quartz, hematite, pyrite and turquoise are then chosen to complement the ring, necklace or bracelet.  Each piece is a work of timeless, sculpted elegance.

Available in our Venetian Studio.

Coming Soon to our Online Shop.